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Live Illustration Makes Events More Creative and Memorable

Silent James live illustration communicates your talks visually and is a valuable tool for retention, engagement, and productivity. I'm at the front of the room drawing out the content of the talk in real-time. This graphic recording approach combines improvisation with visual learning, and attendees will walk away with a richer understanding of the content discussed.

Why Choose Silent James?

I've been live illustrating since 2012, supporting over 200 events and drawing in front of crowds of thousands people... this expertise makes me an asset before, during, and after your event. Fortune 500 companies hire me because of the value and professionalism I bring to their conferences and meetings.

I May Be Silent, But My Clients Are Not!

"The quality of James' output was always very high, and being able to capture six consecutive pitches always seamed an incredible feat. To me though, that was always just table stakes. James brought himself to the week and gave generously of his own spirit, which helped give the event its own unique feel. We always regarded James as part of the team, so I can't recommend him highly enough."

– Google

"James is truly ideal to work with; creativity, high IQ+EQ, in-depth listening skills - all in one delightful professional. I would work with James any day of the week."

– Omnicom Group

"James was full of awesome ideas for fun layouts and storyboards. It was absolutely mesmerizing to watch him work at the front of the room next to session leads. The craft of his penmanship, graphics, and storytelling really brought the whole room together around the content. Not only did the transcription help everybody retain insights in a more meaningful way, it also provided takeaways to share with the team at the office. We have worked with James two years in a row now, and look forward to the next event!"

– Meyers Research

Silent James illustration of the Las Vegas sign, it reads "Welcome to Fabulous Conferences".

Keynotes, Panels, Trade Shows, Pitches, Receptions.

Silent James illustration of a calendar where "Productive Meetings" is circled.

Strategy Sessions, Off-Sites, Team Building, Facilitation.

Silent james illustration of a social media feed with "Special Commissions" written in the center.

Event Branding, Promo Graphics, Timelines, Wedding Services.

Buy My Illustrated Memoir on Amazon!

Cover to SIlent James illustrated memoir Secrets of Silent James, a nintendo cartridge cover parody with an illustration o SIlent James age 5 sitting cross legged with his hands together, he sits on Bowser's bridge witht he text Secrets of SIlent James - prepessimist entertainment series underneath
Secrets of Silent James

8x10", 188 pages, full color • graphic novel

Silent James creates illustrated memories for a living, and now he's brought his entrancing drawing style to his own life story! This fully illustrated memoir tells his saga from birth to his late teens. It is also a small history of punk, raves, and school during a very strange time in New York. James' self-portrait is a detailed and delightful childhood recollection piece that will entertain one-and-all!

"James Lake is a great writer. And a sublime artist. Combine the two and you will find the sheer brilliance STAGGERING!" - E. Jean Carroll, ELLE