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A Richer Conference Experience 


Conferences are the place to make an impact and communicate your message to the world. My live illustrations provide a creative experience for attendees, visual assets for your brand, and they keep your content conversation going. With my expertise, I'm available to: consult your agenda, recommend best practices, and work closely with you to identify how I will best support.  


You've invited the best and brightest thought leaders to your conference, let me immortalize their words into visual summaries. These live illustrations engage audiences, and serve as a memory palace for your entire conference! The boards may be displayed throughout the venue, and act as a stunning backdrop and branded experience. Each board will be digitized and is easily shared internally and externally.

Panel Discussions 

You've assembled a dynamic panel of experts, there's no slideshow - why not allow me to project my live digital illustrations as the organic conversation unfolds? Attendees will clearly see my visual storytelling, and this will also add an innovative tech element to the conference. Setup is easy: I plug my laptop into your projector with an hdmi cord... that's it!


Click Here for a Conference Case Study

Trade Shows and Receptions 

You want your trade show booth or reception to be fun and interactive. My "Draw a Crowd" boards are a delightful way to keep your relevant conversation going. We'll come up with a topic to ask the crowd, they'll pitch in their responses and I'll draw them up live! This accomplishes multiple things: They will feel special because I'm listening to them and drawing up their contribution, the group will stay focused on the theme of your event, you will get valuable insights into your audience, and selfies with their answer add social awareness and engagement!