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Visual Notes for Creative Conferences

A Richer Conference Experience

Conferences require a lot of planning and investment, but how do you make sure attendees will remember your keynotes and panel discussions? If you put yourself in your attendees shoes, it's very difficult to sit through talk after talk (sometimes across multiple days) and retain all of that information. If your conference has multiple tracks going, it's physically impossible for attendees to experience it all. During receptions, attendees could be continuing your content conversation over drinks (instead of just talking about their flights and hotel rooms). My live visual notes service supports engagement, retention, and productivity - your conference deserves it!

A Branded Physical Space For Your Content

People have been spending more and more time in front of a screen (data suggests an average of 6-7 hours per day!). Seeing someone draw, live and in-person, can have such a profound impact on a person's engagement and comprehension. My visual notes communicate complex concepts into easily digestible, thought-provoking art. I believe when we have time to reflect, the brain is able to understand and retain more information. The boards may be displayed in common areas, giving attendees that valuable reflection time, while also creating a branded space for your content. There's an opportunity to create tower displays of the boards, which are easy to set up, and make a huge impact at multi-day events. They make excellent photo opportunities too!

Visual Notes for a Variety of Sessions

I've been live illustrating events since 2011, drawing for the world's most innovative thought leaders. Allow me to illustrate all of your inspiring and insightful takeaways as they happen live!

KEYNOTES: Most professional speakers have given a version of their keynote multiple times in the past. Having me illustrate it will make your event a unique experience for attendees (as well as the presenters!).

PANELS: Panel discussions are typically organic conversations. I illustrate the variety of perspectives into a dynamic visual summary that tells the story of the conversation.

RECEPTIONS and TRADE SHOWS: Whether you'd like to keep your content conversation going at your reception, or bring people to your booth at a trade show; my Crowdsourced Boards will certainly draw a crowd :) We come up with a question or topic, attendees give their responses, and I illustrate them live. This accomplishes many things:

  • The group will continue the conversations around your themes and topics, even after the talks are over

  • You turn the spotlight on your audience, giving them a unique experience where their voice matters

  • Discover valuable insights into where your audience is at, on any given topic

  • Make your trade show booth approachable, people will want to see what's going on in a creative, low pressure environment

Virtual Conferences and Digital Visual Notes

If your conference is strictly virtual, or a hybrid of virtual and in-person; I'm able to fully support via my digital visual notes.

VIRTUAL CONFERENCES: I live illustrate all of the content digitally on my laptop, and am able to share my screen via your preferred conferencing software.

IN-PERSON DIGITAL and HYBRID CONFERENCES: I connect to your screen onsite via my laptop, and create the digital visual notes live. This gives everyone in the room (and virtual attendees) a holistic view of the visual notes being created.

Let's Give Them Something to Post About

Have your content reach even further on social by giving attendees dynamic visuals to post. This user generated content can aid in getting your conference trending, plus there is no denying the engagement level when someone proudly poses next to their own words. Your event will be elevated by this added engagement layer, and people will be talking about it long after it concludes.

"How Do I Hire You For My Conference?"

Call 415-917-6779 or email to discuss your next event, it's that simple. I'm your first, last, and only point of contact (no sleazy salespeople here!). It's important to contact me as early as possible, so I may confirm availability (my calendar fills up quick!). Thank you for learning a bit more about my live visual notes service for conferences, let's make a memory together!

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