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A Richer Conference Experience 


Conferences are the place to make an impact and communicate your message to the world. I live illustrate your keynotes and panel discussions, and the finished boards will keep your content conversation going.

Silent James Visual Notes for Conferences.jpg

Physical Boards 

The foam boards I work on make eye popping displays. These towers serve as a memory palace, where attendees can reflect on all the innovative ideas they heard throughout your conference. They also make great photo opportunities :) There’s something special about seeing a person drawing live in front of you, that’s why the physical boards are my most popular option.


Visual Notes for Virtual Meetings 

I'm able to create live visual notes for virtual events. It's the same process as having me in person, except it's done digitally from my studio, sharing my screen via whichever conferencing software you're using.

Crowdsourced Boards 

You want your reception to be fun and interactive. My crowdsourced boards are a delightful way to keep your content conversation going. We'll come up with a topic to ask the crowd, they'll pitch in their responses, and I'll draw them up live! The group will feel special and stay focused on the theme of your event, you will get valuable insights into your audience, and selfies with their answer add social awareness and engagement!

05 Intel Question 040119 Silent

Productive Meetings 


Internal meetings are where important decisions are made, strategies are brainstormed, and teams come together. My visual notes are a vital tool to keep the group focused, aligned, and communicating clearly. Fortune 500 companies hire me for their strategy sessions because of my expertise. I'm also a certified team performance practitioner - I'm able to help you plan your agenda and make sure you accomplish your company/personal goals by the end of the day. Think of me as a visual facilitator, synthesizing your strategy into actionable visual stories. 

01 Onsite Accenture Silent James.jpg


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Illustrated Timelines 

Whether about a brand, relationship, or yourself: everyone has a story. My illustrated timelines are a fun, creative way to tell that story, and serve as one-of-a-kind gifts to celebrate milestones and anniversaries. Examples: how your company started, how you met your fiancé / best friend, a day in the life etc.

Illustrated Envelopes Silent James.jpg

Illustrated Envelopes 

Sending out invitations for your event or wedding? Sending a birthday or holiday card? Make your mail extra special by having me draw their likeness (or anything) on the envelope!

Web Coco Silent James.jpg


You, your pet, or a loved one will be illustrated in a one-of-a-kind "likeness" to post on social or hang up in your home!

Weddings, Birthdays, Memorials 


Let's make your special day more memorable with my illustrations!

Unique Activities, Displays, and Gifts 

  • Live illustration (on-site or virtually): Creating visual summaries of the events of the day. Crowdsourcing responses from the guests into illustrated murals. Creating beautiful displays and backdrops.

  • Studio illustrations: Watercolor likenesses done in advance.

  • Invites: Let me illustrate your guests on their invite envelopes!

  • Tribute Illustrations (live or studio): I will help you celebrate the life of a departed loved one.

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