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EggHeads: Drawing Proportions for the Face

July 11, 2017

Before you scramble for face proportions


When learning the proportions of the head, take an egg from your fridge and draw a symmetry line down the center from top to bottom, and an eye line intersecting at the center. Draw a nose line between the eye and chin. Draw a mouth line between the nose and chin. The ears fall between the eye and nose lines, the eyes are one eye apart and one eye from the ear. Now, if you tilt the egg you'll notice the distances recede and increase, this is due to perspective. The top of the head seems larger on a head tilting down and vice versa. The egg is quite useful, what could be better?


Two eggs are better than one


"Did you have a bad egg this morning?", my anatomy teacher Jane Bixby Weller would ask as she reviewed the classes' life drawings. She was referring to most of the student's inclination to draw the head as a single egg. "Why use one egg when you can have two?", she would demonstrate as she would add another egg to signify the back of the skull.


When you order eggs, you order them two at a time



This second egg holds the all important brain, without it - your subject is brainless! We don't want to insult anyone, so don't forget your second egg. Notice the perspective change as the head is tilted.


Let's get crackin'!

Proportions are the foundation for drawing faces. In time, you'll be able to use these proportions as a guide to check your likeness, instead of having to draw your eggs every time. Put in the work now by drawing your friend's profile pictures. For more info on how I capture a likenesses, see my other ledger: Likenesses.


Do you want me to draw your (or a friend's) likeness? New profile pic? Are you having a conference, meeting, reception? Do you have a studio project in mind? Contact me today and let's create an illustrated memory together!


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