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Secrets of Silent James on Amazon!

August 13, 2017

After years of work, and years of life, my illustrated memoir "Secrets of Silent James" is available on Amazon!


"Funny, touching, inspiring story about an independent artist that used his imagination and sense of humor to survive a world of abuse, neglect, and boredom. It tells James' life story from birth until he goes away to college. His ability to remember in such exquisite detail is complimented by his colorful, simple, illustrative style. Everything about this book will transport you back to the 80s and 90s (if you lived then!), or will paint an accurate picture of NY during that time. James' point of view is so innocent and delightful. There's plenty of influences from classic video games, cartoons, movies, anime, and music of the time. Join James on his adventure of discovery through school, moving, friends, punk, techno, and his passion for drawing. There's art throughout the 188 pages, it's presented in a combo style of graphic novel, art book, and zine. Secrets of Silent James is his story, in his own words and drawings, and it's extraordinary!"


 8"x10" • 188 pages • full color • paperback


"Silent James creates illustrated memories for a living, and now he's brought his entrancing drawing style to his own life story. This fully illustrated memoir tells his story from birth to his late teens. It is also a small history of punk, raves, and school during a very strange time in New York. James' self-portrait is a detailed and delightful childhood recollection piece that will entertain one-and-all!"


*BONUS* I created a playlist soundtrack for your listening enjoyment while you read!


"What an artist, both in his writing and graphics! One of the most interesting memoirs I have read, thank you for sharing your life!"


I will continue to roll out some free supplemental content including: unused art and writing, family photos, reviews, and video reflections. Stay tuned here for all of that!


I'm very happy to share my life story with all of you because I'm proud of the product, and also very proud of my memory. I grew up during a time before the internet and social media, and I never got any yearbooks or kept a journal. Yet, I remember things so clearly and was pleasantly surprised with my ability to draw it all out. Each page was it's own individual piece. I got to play with lots of hand lettering styles, page compositions, and drawing people left right and center. It was also therapeutic to draw out difficult topics, painful stuff I didn't want to think about anymore. Going over all the raves I attended was another joy, each one was memorable and it's nice to finally see them all laid out together.


I hope you consider picking up a copy of my book, your support is greatly appreciated and goes to support me and my family here in San Francisco. Thank you!


Here's a link to my author page on Amazon.


Please mention @SilentJamesLive and use hashtag #SecretsOfSilentJames for pics of your gorgeous self enjoying my book! write a review on Amazon! tell your friends! thank you!





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