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Live Illustration at Death Salon Seattle

September 20, 2017


Case Study: Death Salon Seattle


Death Salon is an annual conference focused on the exploration of a touchy subject... death. The organizers wanted a new and creative way to engage their audience, that would also compliment their theme of being “Death Positive”. Communicating such a heavy topic and making it approachable was very important, so they needed someone that could walk that line between fun and serious... ME!


How did I help? Let's find out...


Silent James promo graphics create an event identity


Before the event, I created a logo which was used to promote the event on social, invites, attendee badges, and was even used as a cake topper during their lavish opening night reception! Attendees were excited, they knew where to go, and they felt immersed in the message.


Live Illustration tells your story visually


I illustrated the keynotes in real-time, creating impactful visual stories of the content. These boards engaged the audience live, and provided dazzling displays in the high traffic areas of the conference. During breaks, attendees revisited the boards and kept the content conversation going.


Live Digital Illustration lets everyone in the room see the image come to life 


During the panel discussions, presenters typically don't use slides, so I utilized the huge projection screen for my live digital illustrations. Attendees could clearly see my visual storytelling, and were also delighted to watch the process. It also added an innovative tech element, which was important for this event.


Draw a Crowd boards turn the spotlight on your attendees 


At Death Salon's cocktail reception, I asked the guests “I’m #DeathPositive Because…” and drew up their answers on the spot. Seeing their responses illustrated live made the conference a personal experience for them. They felt like they were truly a part of it. That engagement went even further as Death Salon earned over 15K reactions on social from the visuals I created!



Give your influencers content to promote your event   


CBS Sunday Morning was filming a piece on the conference co-founder (and NY Times best selling author) Caitlin Doughty, and they were very excited to include my live illustrations. After Death Salon, all of the images were made available for attendees in a digital gallery. There have been articles, recaps, and videos about Death Salon Seattle - and they all mention the huge impact Silent James’ live illustrations had on the event.



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Loren Rhoads

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