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Silent James Combines Art and Tech at Conferences

October 17, 2017

Want to add a creative tech element to your conference?

Silent James live digital illustration is the answer! Your audience will be engaged and excited about your content when they see the talks come to life in real-time. The information will be clearly communicated and resonate deeper as the digital drawing is projected.


Is the setup complicated?

No! I just hookup to your projection with an HDMI cord, that's it! The image can be projected as large as possible, making it visible to everyone in the room. This is an advantage over most traditional live illustration. 


How about panel discussions?

Panel discussions are the perfect place for my digital illustrations! When you have an organic conversation, slide presentations aren't used. I'm able to provide value and engagement utilizing your screen, this also encourages audience participation (Q+A).


How about the finished product?

The beauty about digital illustration is it's already a digital file (no need to photograph, clean up etc).


How do I know if digital or physical is most valuable for my conference or event?

Each event is unique, the organizers I work with all have unique challenges and goals. The best way is to give me a call, I have years of expertise and I can assist you. Sometimes physical boards are best, sometimes digital. Here's a few insights to help you...


My live digital illustration is most valuable when it can be seen. If you don't have a screen available for me to project (because yours will be in use for powerpoint presentations or videos), it's best to go with my traditional live illustration service (markers on boards).


Tech is the biggest industry I support, would you believe many tech companies prefer the traditional drawings? This is because they look at screens all day, so it's actually more engaging for them to step out of that world and see the physical board being drawn.


Have an event coming up? Let's talk about it and create a valuable memory for your audience! 





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