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Silent James' Horror Film List

October 5, 2017

Happy October everyone! Whether you are dressing up for Halloween as a scary creature, or dressing up as one of your ancestors and presenting your mistletoe to gain access to their burial mound for Samhain - here is my list of 21 spooky films to watch this month. I tried to include lesser known favorites.


I draw on different inspiration as a live illustrator. What I like in horror films is mystery, art direction, creepiness, ritual, tension, comedy (a must!), and diving into the unknown. Some of these films might not be considered "horror" by everyone, but here we go!


Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb


 Shadow of the Vampire




Santa Sangre


 Brand Upon the Brain


 Angel's Egg




 Monster Squad




 Mad Monster Party


 Magnetic Rose (part one of the film Memories)


 Viy (1967)




 Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust


Get Out


 Idle Hands


 Interview with the Vampire


 Neon Demon


Rosemary's Baby


Barton Fink


 What We Do in the Shadows


Don't forget to do the monster mash to my spooky playlist, starting with Screamin' Jay Hawkins! And read all about Death Salon here! Enjoy!




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