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How to Make 2018 Memorable

January 1, 2018

Happy New Year!


I wish you all a fantastic 2018, may it be full of cheer and accomplishment!


Being Silent James live illustrator is my dream job. We create magic together at conferences, meetings, trade shows and receptions when I draw your content live.


2017: A Significant Odyssey


2017 was a year of growth in my life professionally and personally. My business started and I was featured on CBS Sunday Morning, I live illustrated for my hero Caitlin Doughty, I supported many strategy meetings for Fortune 500 companies, I published my autobiography Secrets of Silent James, I gave back to my local SF LGBT center, and I got to travel to cities all over the country.

Our family grew with the addition of our new Boston Terrier Olive, we became first time home buyers, and we saw the total solar eclipse in Oregon!


I'm even more excited for 2018...


I'm Your Creative Sidekick this year!


Start the year off right by bringing me into the planning phase of your events in 2018. I've live illustrated over 150 events - besides knowing the Las Vegas Strip like the back of my hand :) I provide valuable services to make your events as successful as possible...

Find Out Why Fortune 500 Companies Hire Me for their Strategy Sessions!


Have an internal strategy, brainstorming, HR meeting coming up? My live illustrations are a valuable tool to keep the group focused, aligned, and communicating clearly. I'm also a certified Team Performance Practitioner! By using templates and visual exercises, I'm able to help you plan your agenda to make sure you accomplish your company/personal goals by the end of the day. Think of me as a graphic facilitator, synthesizing your strategy into actionable visual stories.


Make Conferences Creative and Memorable with Live Illustration


During your keynotes, I will draw the content live onto boards (or digitally). I engage your audience with visual communication, which helps them retain the information better than just hearing it. I illustrate the main points and show how they all relate, think of it as a visual memory! The images are digitized and become sharable notes, telling the whole story of your event.


What About Our Reception?


My "Draw a Crowd" boards are a fun way to keep your relevant conversation going during receptions. We'll come up with a topic to ask your attendees, they'll pitch in their responses and I'll draw them up live! This accomplishes multiple things at once:

  • They will feel special because I'm listening to them and drawing up their contribution

  • The group will stay focused on the theme of your event

  • You will get valuable insights into your audience

  • Selfies with their answer add social awareness and engagement


What About Adding a Tech Element?

I'll live illustrate your event digitally. All I need is an HDMI cord to your projector, it's that easy! Everyone in the room will be able to see the illustration come to life, like a major motion picture! The images will be available to share same day, and will add a touch of innovation to your panel discussions.


Drawing Traffic at Trade Shows


People are drawn to creativity coming to life before their eyes. My clients have found a lot of value attracting crowds with my illustrated signs, illustrated product demos, and "Draw a Crowd" boards. The visuals I create will set you apart from other booths, get you attention on social media, and you'll be able to use the images long after the event.

Have a meeting, conference, trade show, or reception coming up in 2018? I support events of any size, from Fortune 500 companies to Non Profits. Contact me today, and let's make a memory together!


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