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Stick the Landing with Silent James

February 20, 2018

"My flight was delayed... the wifi was abysmal... the food was meh...". This is what people talk about after a conference. After all the investment and time put into your event, wouldn't you rather hear "What I found interesting about that talk was... My takeaways were... Here's how we could put that idea into action at our company..."? Let's keep your content conversation going long after your conference ends!

Step Into Your Attendee's Shoes


Traveling is an information overload by itself (especially when most conferences take place in Las Vegas!). Attendees might be on a different time zone, struggling just to get their badge in the early morning, with messages and emails piling up... you're competing for their attention even before the event starts! Then they sit and listen to back to back presentations for hours. The speakers are probably very entertaining and engaging, but attendees can only retain so much auditory information before they're counting down the minutes to the bar. You need a way to reinforce the live content visually, which also serves as a creative summary after it's over. You need a creative champion: Silent James!


Silent James Live Illustration Helps Keep the Content Conversation Going!

Science has proven that visual learning is a much more effective tool for retention and engagement. The popularity of immersive theatre has shown us that personalization and improvisation are keys to giving an audience an experience they will never forget. When someone goes to a live event, give them live illustration! I provide a fresh, creative way to communicate your message. When the boards are displayed, the attendees are able to revisit and remind themselves of what was discussed. Each board is also photographed and shared, so they will always remember the experience. When someone asks them about your conference, they will have more relevant things to say and your message will reach further!


What About During the Reception?

My "Draw a Crowd" boards are a fun way to keep your relevant conversation going during receptions. We'll come up with a topic to ask your attendees, they'll pitch in their responses and I'll draw them up live! This accomplishes multiple things at once:

  • They will feel special because I'm listening to them and drawing up their contribution

  • The group will stay focused on the theme of your event

  • You will get valuable insights into your audience

  • Selfies with their answer add social awareness and engagement

Ready to Stick the Landing?

I'm here to make sure you take home the GOLD during conference season! Give me a call and let's talk about how to make your event the talk of the town!

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