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Impact of Intel Capital Global Summit

May 31, 2018

Healthy Corporate Culture Drives Innovation


I've had the honor of live illustrating 4 events for Intel thus far; I'm constantly in awe of their technology and their fresh approach to putting on events. I recently supported 3 days of keynotes, panels, and networking sessions at their Intel Capital Global Summit in Palm Desert, and wanted to share the impact of this experience. Here are 5 inspiring takeaways from industry experts and entrepreneurs.


1. Corporate Interests Have to Work Together

Keynote from Wendell Brooks (President, Intel Capital) and Dhani Jones (Chairman, Qey Capital Partners, Founder, Hillman Accelerator)


The possibilities for Artificial Intelligence, or AI, have dominated many tech discussions, but few are asking the question, "Will we empower AI, or hold it back?". This keynote between Wendell and Dhani spanned multiple topics, from Wendell's start at Intel, to his philosophy, and there was even a hilarious video of Dhani (an NFL player in addition to being an entrepreneur) tackling Wendell! The 800 executives in attendance and I learned a lot about who Wendell is - he's a leader who strives for harmony and balance (and he can take what life throws at him, literally!). We have to collaborate, take risks, and share with each other as these emerging technologies enter society.


2. What Will Be AI's Train?

Keynote from Dr. Genevieve Bell (Director 3A Institute, ANUVP and Fellow, Intel Corporation)


Continuing the conversation about AI, Dr. Bell gave a fascinating talk about the history of the steam engine. By looking back at these monumental events, we could start to make sense of the future of AI. We should never stop asking questions like, "What will be AI's train", "How are we building it", "Who's going to build it" etc. The steam engine went through over 200 years of transformation, which really puts things in perspective that we are just at the beginning of AI's journey. On a personal note, trains are cool!


3. Sports is the Canary in the Coal Mine

Future of Immersive Media Panel


Panel discussions are a personal favorite to live illustrate - the conversation is fresh, organic, and dynamic. Immersive media is a hot topic at conferences, as Virtual and Augmented Reality are changing the way stories are created and told. What I learned from this panel is that the technology should be invisible and empowering. The panelists - who included experts from Disney, the NFL, Kabam, and more - described sports as the "canary in the coal mine" because it is at the forefront of exploring the possibilities for immersive media. You meet the consumer at the intersection of technology and passion.


4. 50/50, Why Not?

Champions For Change Panel Discussion


Intel put a large spotlight on diversity and inclusion, and there were multiple discussions throughout the summit. This session focused on gender equality, which is a worldwide issue and needs to be a business imperative. At first, I was surprised they were discussing a program called "Male Champions for Change" at a gender equality talk, but the more I learned about the program I realized it is about influential men being proactive about hiring more women in tech. By working together, we take our businesses from compliance to commitment, and work towards cultural changes that benefit both women and men.


5. Zero/ Zero/ Zero Future and City 2.0

Crowdsourcing Responses From Attendees on "I'm Most Excited to See in 2025"


During the reception, Intel wanted to keep the content conversation going, and I was delighted to draw up attendees' passionate responses for this topic. Autonomous Vehicles, or AV, will change our cities in many ways. Intel and GM Ventures are partnering to work towards a "Zero Crashes, Zero Emissions, Zero Congestion" future, and we are all very excited to experience that! Autonomous aircraft will also be a part of "City 2.0", creating routes to reduce pain points. It's all very exciting to imagine, and attendees were looking forward to seeing how these technologies will change society for the better.


Thank you Intel for an extraordinary summit! Be sure to check out videos of the sessions on their site.


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