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Live Illustrating PCBC: The Art, Science and Business of Housing

July 2, 2018

RETHINK Your Perspective


I'm lucky to have my dream job. I travel to events around the world and live illustrate conversations (I'm a professional smile maker). One of the added benefits is that I get to hear a lot of truly inspiring talks. PCBC's agenda impressed me very much! Instead of lectures, their sessions helped attendees get out of their comfort zones, and rethink their perspectives on residential design, marketing, and organizational leadership. I was also very excited to see members of Meyers Research would be presenting, I've supported their meetings in the past and they are truly an innovative group of people! Each morning started with a keynote speaker, then proceeded with rapid fire ted talks. Enjoy this selection of boards from the conference!

Platon: Powerful Portraits

An Intimate Look at Humanity and Leadership


I've seen Platon's iconic portraits on magazine covers, but it was a real treat hearing the stories behind each one. I certainly didn't expect him to go over as many as he did (I've never drawn so fast in my entire life, haha), but I appreciated the thought that went into each unique image. He answered the question "Who is this person?", and the stories ranged from hilarious to beautifully sad. He showed that although we are all very different, our humanity allows us to feel something collectively.


Patrick Lencioni

The Untapped Advantage of Organizational Health


Patrick's name rang a bell, and when he mentioned the "5 Dysfunctions of a Team", I remembered I've live illustrated his talks in the past. He is a sought after speaker for strategy meetings and off sites, helping companies solve problems. He is a dynamic speaker because he improvs a lot, and likes to be interrupted by the audience. He started his talk by using Southwest Airlines (the Silent James airline of choice!) as a case study for a healthy organization. Then he deep dived into building a cohesive leadership team, focusing on vulnerability based trust. Leaders need to be honest, and admit when they aren't good at something. I'm sure we've all worked at companies where the leadership attempted to seem all knowing and all capable - but they weren't fooling anyone :).


The Innovator's DNA

Teri Slavik-Tsuyuki and Tim Sullivan


The theme for the conference was "Rethink", and all of the sessions were about becoming nimble in an ever changing landscape. Teri Slavik-Tsuyuki and Tim Sullivan kicked things off by asking attendees to simplify and take action. By focusing on the 3 C's (catalysts, conflicts, and collisions) you can then take the steps to improve the experience for your customers, and your industry as a whole. Try this at home: question, observe, experiment, network, and associate.


The Perennial Millennial

Ali Wolf


What a breath of fresh air Ali's talk was! Many presentations and articles just complain about millennials - Ali offered data, insights, and a hopeful picture of this generation. She discussed how location matters more than price, and the importance of giving them customizable options. They care about design and innovation, and how you communicate to them is key. I had a moment of shock when I discovered "I'm a millennial, too!", but I really appreciated her findings and strategies.


Becoming a Rapid Learner... and the Happiness of Pursuit

Max Deutsch


There were so many great talks, and I want to end with one from Max Deutsch. He told the story of when he was first starting out, where his mission was to become successful so he may live his best life. As time went on, he realized he had it all wrong. He began taking reflective walks and asking the important questions:


1) What does my ideal life look like?

2) What can I do in 30-60 mins every day to progress?

3) What have I wanted to learn, but kept putting off?


He immersed himself in the process of learning, and came up with his new mission: Month to Master. Over the course of a month, he spent 40 mins a day learning a new skill. If you're intentional, focused, and consistent - you can learn so many skills, without impacting your normal schedule that much. I found this talk to be very inspiring. There's a few things I've always wanted to master - and I'm happy to report I'm spending this month learning to do a front split! I'll keep you updated as I work my way to becoming Van Damme :)


I heard a lot of compliments about my work from attendees and presenters. I'm happy I was part of the PCBC experience, and able to apply my talent to such an exciting event. The boards were displayed throughout the venue, allowing people to snap pics and post to social. The digital files serve as a perfect reminder of all the great content, and many told me they're using them to present to their teams as a summary of the conference.


Have a conference or meeting coming up? Contact me today, and let's make a memory together! 





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