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Live Illustration For Fabulous Conferences

August 20, 2018

Viva, Viva, Live Illustration!


Conferences are THE place to make an impact and communicate your message to the world... but how do you keep people engaged, and help them retain that information, when they're sitting through back to back sessions? That's where my live illustrations come in :)


Keynotes and Panels


During your keynotes and panel discussions, I will illustrate the talks live (and in my best bow tie). This approach combines improvisation with visual learning, and attendees will have a richer understanding of the content discussed. But, why stop there?




Receptions are the often overlooked opportunity to keep your content conversation going. My "Draw a Crowd Boards" are a powerful tool to help you stick the landing :) I'll draw up a topic, your attendees will pitch in their responses, and I will illustrate those responses live. Everyone LOVES to post the boards on social, so you'll be reaching a much wider audience!


A Branded Space


When the boards are displayed throughout the space, it creates a stunning backdrop and a place for guests to revisit the talks.


A Memory Created Together


All of the boards will be digitized, making them easily shareable. When someone asks them, "How was the conference?" they will reply with an enthusiastic, "FABULOUS!" and have the images to show and tell all about it. Retention, engagement, productivity... contact me today to discuss how we can make your next conference fabulous!




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