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Joy of Templates to Achieve Your Goal

September 17, 2018

Happy Templates are Productive Templates


I grew up watching Bob Ross, I was mesmerized by his skill as a painter and a performer. It was always so exciting to see how he was going to turn a bunch of marks on the canvas into a masterpiece. I made this video to combine his innocent, charming approach to show you how to create a template that will work for you.



Bridge Over Troubled Water


This template is a simple but effective way for you to achieve your goal. Draw the template (or use the one I have below), and fill in the areas...

  1. Title - Write a title of the project. For example "Do A Front Split".

  2. Where You Are - This is where you write the current state you're at. "Can't do a front split to save my life".

  3. Where You Want to Be - This is where you write your ideal state. "I am Van Damme, able to do A front split on command"

  4. Challenges to Overcome - This is where you list all the things that are causing a gap for you to achieve your goal. "Inflexible, No Time to Practice, Not Enough Room, Too Painful".

  5. How You'll Get There - This is where you list solutions to bridge the gap and achieve your goal. "Watch youtube videos for tips, practice 30 mins a day while watching Cobra Kai, take it slow, find somewhere outside to practice if I need more room".

One Final Step


You've drawn your template, and filled it out, now what? Make sure to put it up on the wall where you can see it everyday. This will remind you to stay on track, and when you find yourself slacking because of the reasons in your "challenges" area - just read out loud the "how you'll get there" solutions and follow them. It's easy to get sidetracked, there are so many distractions in the world. Luckily, I've just showed you a simple, free way to achieve a goal!


Personalized Templates for Productive Meetings


This template works for one person, but what about an organization? I support many internal strategy and brainstorming meetings for Fortune 500 companies. I work with the facilitator to live illustrate the content discussed, and help them define their mission and business strategy. Templates are a useful tool in these meetings, and I create custom ones to help companies have productive meetings. The group is engaged when they see their words start to take shape, and they are driven to come up with solutions for their biggest challenges. The finished work is displayed around their offices to remind them of their hard work, and to keep them on track to accomplish their goals. A 2 day ideation session I supported resulted in the company saving $60M, so the impact and value of having me live illustrate your meeting cannot be understated! Contact me today to find out how I could support your next meeting!

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