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Digital Live Illustration at Adobe Max

October 21, 2018

A Dream Come True :) 


I've been using Adobe products for almost 2 decades, so having the opportunity to live illustrate digitally at their biggest event (over 20k attendees) using Adobe Photoshop... this was a dream come true! Adobe wanted to capture the content from their "Gig Economy" panel, and keep the room engaged with visuals. An event this large called for digital live illustration. My laptop was projected onto two massive screens, everyone in the room could see the visual summary come to life! It was very important to me to use a tool that was on brand, and that the audience was very familiar with. It worked seamlessly!


The Gig Economy 


The panel was moderated by Jeremiah Owyang and featured Cathi Kwon, Tyler Shelton, Susanna Leighton, and Ryan Mulvaney. It was a very insightful and lively discussion which covered the current state of freelancing, as well as best practices and tips. Here are some of the insights I found most valuable...


Increased Need for Freelancers 


There are many benefits to working freelance as opposed to strictly being a full time employee. People enjoy the freedom and flexibility of the lifestyle - the data shows most freelancers are moonlighting. It also showed there is an increased need for freelancers.



Be an Advocate for Yourself 


As a freelancer, you can sometimes feel like you are on an island. When the subject of price comes up, you try to calmly present your rate as you're secretly freaking out inside, hoping it sounds reasonable to the client. Remember to have confidence in the value you are offering, but always do your research and know what the standard rate is for your services.


Utilize Behance to Get Work 


Community is very important, especially when you feel like you're on an island. Behance is a creative community to showcase your work, but did you also know you can use it to get jobs? There are many Adobe Talent tools, play around with the site's features.


Feedback is a Two Way Street 


There was a lot of discussion around feedback, much of it focused on feedback from client to freelancer but from freelancer to client was also brought up. There should be open communication around how it was working with the client - what worked, what didn't, and how you may work better in the future.


Hire Silent James to Live Illustrate Your Event 


Whether you prefer physical boards or digital, you will find so much value in my live illustration service as I engage your audience, help them retain your content, and keep your content conversation going long after your event is over. The images serve as a reminder of the information, but more importantly - they enhance the experience for your attendees. This is something they will remember!


Have a conference, meeting, trade show, wedding, or reception coming up? Call me today to discuss, and let's make a memory together!

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