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Illustrated Envelopes for Creative Invites

January 15, 2019

I'll be perfectly honest, I'm a bit of a Grinch around the holidays :) Graphic recording and live illustrating events has its busy and slow seasons, and December is the slowest. I was able to turn that frown upside down, because I was busy in my studio creating illustrations for clients... and also illustrated envelopes!


Wedding and Event Invites 


Your wedding, conference, meeting, or reception is very important. You'd like to create a personalized experience for your attendees from start to finish. Imagine their joy when they receive your invite with a drawing of their likeness on the envelope! It's so rare to get personalized, tangible mail anymore - they will treasure this moment long after your special day (and will definitely remember to RSVP!).


Holiday Cards, Letters to Mum and Friends 


Send your Mum a letter, I'll help you get back in their good graces :) I could draw anything on the envelope, it doesn't have to be the person's likeness. Maybe there's an inside joke you share, or a favorite TV show or movie that you'd like illustrated. Maybe they're an anime fan? Just ask! You can insert a card or letter and send it on its way. In the days of social media and digital everything, instant messages hold less and less value and attention. Why not catch up with an old friend or family member by writing a letter and sending it in one of my illustrated envelopes?


What's the Process? 


It's a very lean process :) Just give me a call or email, let me know how many envelopes you need illustrated, sizes, and send me screenshots of the people or idea and when you need them by. I'll send you pricing and a contract, then I'll get to work illustrating the envelopes. I'll send you the envelopes once they're illustrated and you can fill, seal, stamp and send on their way :)


Anything Else? 


I'm happy you asked! Why not keep the experience going by hiring me to live illustrate at your wedding, conference, meeting, reception etc? Your attendees will already be familiar with the art theme you're going with, and I will immortalize your event by graphic recording and illustrating. In addition to talks and discussions, I offer my "Draw a Crowd" service which is perfect for weddings and receptions. You and I will come up with a topic or question to ask your guests, they will give me their responses, and I'll draw them up live. It makes the crowd feel special, and gets the group socializing about your topic. "What's Your Favorite Memory of the Happy Couple?" "When Did You Know They Were Meant for Each Other?" "How Do You Know the Couple?" are just a few prompts for weddings, you'd get some moving, sweet, and funny responses I'm sure. For other events, we'll come up with a brand specific question that will not only engage your audience, but provide you with insights about them. It's a win win!!


Happy New Year everyone, let's make a memory together!


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