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There is No Slow Season

February 12, 2019

There is No Slow Season 


Silent James Graphic Recording supports events worldwide. Events have their busy seasons (Spring and Fall), and their slow seasons (Winter and Summer). So, what do I do when there's less events going on? In the video, I discuss how when you own your own business - there really is no slow season. Winter is when companies are in the planning stages of their Spring events, and this when I get the most calls. I've supported over 200 events, I have a lot of expertise and insight into what makes an event successful and how to maximize engagement and retention. Contact me today to discuss how we can make a creative impact on your 2019 event!


Top 3 Reasons to Contact James While Planning Your Event 


  1. I'm your creative sidekick! Fortune 500 companies hire me because of my event expertise, I know what makes an event engaging and memorable. You're not just hiring someone to draw for the day - I support your event before, during and after.

  2. Flat rate pricing! Budget is very important, you need to know how much your event will cost. I offer flat rate pricing so you know exactly how much to budget, and there will be no surprise charges.

  3. My Calendar fills up fast! By April and May, I'm usually pretty booked. Make sure to call me early, and I will get you on my calendar.

Personalized Approach 


Perhaps you've seen graphic recording in the past, but would like to take your event to the next level? We can discuss the versatility of my services, and how they can compliment and enhance your conference, meeting, trade show and reception. I offer both traditional (physical boards) and digital graphic recording. There are pros of both, we will decide the best approach.


Maybe you're having a reception to kick off or close your conference? Did you know I offer a service for receptions and weddings? My "Draw a Crowd" boards are the perfect way to keep your content conversation going over drinks, or create a board of memories with your wedding guests. We will come up with a topic to ask your guests, they will give me their responses, and I'll draw them up live. These are always a hit, and make everyone feel special.


Want to build buzz before your event? Hire me to draw some graphics to promote, inform, and brand the experience for your audience. These images make a big impact and have so many uses - you get a lot of value out of commissioning moi!


Have a video idea in mind? Send me your script, and I'll create a digital timelapse video. These are very effective to communicate your content, and add a creative and memorable element to your brand!


Looking for creative invites for your attendees? I create illustrated envelopes, where I draw the addressee (or anything you'd like) on the envelope and you pack their invite and send to them. Imagine getting something this special in the mail? They will treasure this mail, and be sure to RSVP!


What I love most about being your creative sidekick is that we collaborate on the approach. These are just some of the possibilities we can discuss as you're planning your event, and we could even come up with more! That's innovation - and it will carry through to your event and make a real impact in your industry.


It all starts with contacting me, are you ready to make an impact?



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