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Phoenix - Intel Capital Summit

April 10, 2019

Traveling to Phoenix, Live Illustrating ICAP Summit 


I was so delighted to be asked back this year to live illustrate the keynotes, panels and reception at Intel Capital Global Summit. I loved seeing familiar faces and hearing how much everyone enjoyed my visual summaries last year. More than that, I really loved hearing everyone say "Welcome Back".


Here's How I Supported 


I was setup next to the stage, as the keynotes and panel discussions were happening - I was illustrating the talks in real-time. I distill all the information and illustrate the points and how they connect to each other. As the live illustration is going on, attendees can understand more and are kept engaged in what is being discussed. At the end of the talk, there's a beautifully illustrated visual summary and I move onto the next board. I created 12 visual summaries of the talks and 1 crowdsourced board during the reception.


Engagement During Receptions 


My "Draw a Crowd" boards are a very simple solution to keeping your attendees engaged in the content and theme of your event in a relaxed atmosphere. It turns the spotlight on them, as we ask them a question and I illustrate their responses. They feel special because someone is listening to them. When they come back throughout the event, half the fun is finding their answer on the board :) Their faces light up when they see their words illustrated, and they always want a pic with their answer to share on social. These visual summaries also give you a unique insight into the mind of your audience.


Memory Palace Displays


After each live illustration was completed, the finished boards were constructed into this massive tower. The visual impact was immense, and having all of the images in one place created an engaging and interactive destination for attendees to revisit the day's content. When you listen to so much information all day, it's impossible to retain everything. You only truly learn when you reflect on what you've heard, and this memory palace is a valuable tool for your attendees to let the content really sink in. Everyone loves seeing the display in person, and they get to walk around it and point out what they liked most about the talks. It's truly a sight!


Thank You Intel Capital 


The event was full of unique people and experiences, including a trip to Native American reservation and a drone light show. It was fantastic! Everyone had so much fun and came away from this experience with renewed enthusiasm on how to better themselves and their companies. There was a book signing, investment pitches, and lots of valuable insights shared. I'm so thankful I could support Intel Capital, and look forward to working with them again in the near future!


Hire me to support your event! I'd love to hear about anything you are planning, and offer some ideas on how I would add value with my live illustration service. Contact me today, and let's make a memory together!


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