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Graphic Recording PCBC, San Francisco

June 7, 2019

How I Supported this 2 day Builders Conference 


I've been looking forward to Pacific Coast Builders Conference for an entire year! I supported this event last year, and was so happy to be asked back in 2019. I live illustrated 13 dynamic keynotes / panel discussions, capturing all the key takeaways into these beautiful visual summaries. I built displays of the finished work, and digitized all the images into a shareable gallery.


Impactful Keynotes 


What I find most exciting about PCBC is that they always choose such inspiring speakers from many different backgrounds and industries. This outside perspective is essential for innovation, and my visuals generate a lot of engagement with attendees. Audiences are not only entertained, but they activate many parts of their brain as they strategize how the takeaways could be applied to their businesses.



On a personal note, I really enjoyed live illustrating Sekou's poetry talk. I was actually drawing in rhythm with his vocal delivery, and it was a truly surreal and unique experience.


Combining Art & Science 


In addition to authors and poets, many building industry and marketing leaders presented their learnings. I was capturing these organic conversations live. All of the information was actionable and relevant, and everything really clicked. It was such an enjoyable experience.


Creating an Interactive Display 


This being a builders conference, I thought it was a perfect opportunity to build my memory palace displays. These towers serve as a hub of the entire event's content, and attendees enjoy walking around them, taking pics / video, and discussing all of the takeaways that resonated with them.


New Ways to Discuss Inclusion 


I'm very happy to see the inclusion conversation keeps going, it is really making a difference around the world. Kat Holmes' talk explored beyond the typical messaging, and really got the room thinking. She asked a lot of questions, as she went through a timeline contrasting tech innovation with exclusion. I'm excited to read her book! I'm also excited for PCBC 2020 :)


I hope you enjoyed this post event wrap up, maybe it got you thinking about an upcoming event? Please contact me today to discuss how my graphic recording / live illustration service would add value and impact to your conferences, meetings, trade shows, and receptions. Thank you!

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